Meetings and Documents

Staff Senate meetings are held every month on the dates listed below from 3-5 p.m. in person at alternating locations between Main Campus and Health Sciences Campus. Staff Senate meetings are open to all ECU employees.

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Meeting DateLocationAgendaMinutesMeeting LinkRecording
June 8, 2023ECHI AuditoriumJune AgendaJune MinutesJune Meeting LinkJune Recording
July 13, 2023ECHI AuditoriumJuly AgendaJuly MinutesJuly Meeting LinkJuly Recording
Aug. 10, 2023ECHI AuditoriumAugust AgendaAugust MinutesAugust Meeting LinkAugust Recording
Sept. 14, 2023Main Campus Student Center - Room 249September AgendaSeptember MinutesSeptember Meeting LinkSeptember Recording
Oct. 17, 2023ECHI AuditoriumOctober AgendaOctober MinutesOctober Meeting LinkOctober Recording
Nov. 9, 2023Main Campus Student Center - Room 249November AgendaNovember MinutesNovember Meeting LinkNovember Recording
Dec. 14, 2023ECHI AuditoriumDecember AgendaDecember MinutesDecember Meeting LinkDecember Recording
Jan. 11, 2024January AgendaJanuary MinutesJanuary Meeting LinkJanuary Recording
Feb. 8, 2024February AgendaFebruary MinutesFebruary Meeting LinkFebruary Recording
March 7, 2024March AgendaMarch MinutesMarch Meeting LinkMarch Recording
April 11, 2024April AgendaApril MinutesApril Meeting LinkApril Recording
May 9, 2024May AgendaMay MinutesMay Meeting LinkMay Recording
June 13, 2024June AgendaJune MinutesJune Meeting LinkJune Recording