Staff Emeritus

ECU Staff Senate and the Department of Human Resources may recognize emeritus status for permanent status retired staff members who have made significant contributions to ECU through a long and distinguished record or service, dedication, leadership and innovation. Nominations are accepted throughout the year with a November 30th deadline for reviews. Submissions after November 30th will be reviewed for the following year.

For more information, please review the details of the Staff Emeritus Criteria, Nomination and Selection Process.

Please submit nomination packets to:

Past Recipients

Academic YearRecognized Retirees
2023-2024Maha Banning, University Advancement
2023-2024Wendy Beachum, College of Health and Human Performance
2023-2024Dee Bowling, Financial Services
2023-2024Paula Daughtry, Health Sciences
2023-2024Brenda Doss, Department of Physics
2023-2024Stephen Gray, Student Affairs
2023-2024DJ Gregory, ECU Police
2023-2024Gwen Joyner, College of Education
2023-2024Charlene Lee, Academic Affairs
2023-2024Aaron Lucier, Campus Living
2023-2024Denise Miller, College of Arts and Sciences
2023-2024Brenda Smith, College of Nursing
2023-2024Dr. Lathan Turner, Office of Student Transitions
2023-2024Beth Watkins, ECU Police
2022-2023Dr. Paul Gemperline
2022-2023Jennifer Griggs
2022-2023Dr. Virginia Hardy
2022-2023Teresa Tripp
2022-2023Mary Graves
2022-2023Nora Tucker
2021-2022Amy Barber
2021-2022Susan Chapman
2021-2022Dr. Vivian Martin Covington
2021-2022Jolene Evans
2021-2022Mary Graves
2021-2022Thomas McConnell
2021-2022Jean Merenda
2021-2022Cindy Mills
2021-2022Nancy Phelps
2021-2022Dr. Rick Niswander
2020-2021Bonnie C. Eshelman
2020-2021Debra Steinmetz
2020-2021Ellen Hilgoe
2020-2021Ernest Marshburn
2020-2021Karen Traynor
2020-2021Kathy Pruitt
2020-2021Kay Murphy
2020-2021Susan (Terri) Gray
2019-2020Dr. Jayne Geissler
2019-2020Lori Lee
2018-2019Ellen Deters
2018-2019Deborah Hall
2018-2019Janet Tysinger
2018-2019Sherrilyn Johnson
2018-2019Carolyn Erwin
2018-2019Anita Coburn
2018-2019Karl Faser
2018-2019Wanda Wynne
2017-2018Scott Buck
2017-2018Sue Smith Chapman
2017-2018Janet Johnson
2017-2018Willie Lee
2017-2018R Bruce Peterson
2017-2018Stacie Tronto
2016-2017Lorre Bullock
2016-2017Donna Evans
2016-2017Tammy Garris
2016-2017F. Clayton Sessoms
2016-2017Nellie Taylor
2016-2017Rosie Thompson